The Impact of Technology on Children

Today’s families are much different than those of the past. While technology has made many lives and society better with faster, more efficient ways to communicate, it is also disrupting traditional learning and development for children.

Children rely heavily on technology for the majority of their play, entertainment, and even schoolwork. In a world where technology is integrated into nearly every task of our everyday lives, it is often hard to escape. We know there is an important positive impact of technology but there are also some negative impacts.

  • Relationships and Social Skills Issues: Kids are using mobile devices more and they can become addicted to this, not spending enough time with their family and friends. They are more likely to be virtually connected with friends, sharing photos and texting online than actually meeting them in person.
  • Browsing Online Can Be Dangerous: While browsing online we often face harmful things such as computer viruses and other dangers disguised as advertising. Most of the adults know it and can easily avoid them, but not children. Children can go online and search for anything. With the right monitoring, they will not access dangers websites and will avoid meeting dangerous people online.
  • Mobile Device Overuse Reduce Sleep Quality: Research shows there is a strong and consistent evidence of a link between mobile devices overuse and reduced sleep quality. Children are sleeping less than they should and this raises concern. A lack of sleep can have serious consequences on their brain. During sleep, the brain does some “housekeeping” tasks, clearing things that aren’t important and restoring the nerves networks to wake up again ready for a brand new day. Sleeping less means that children are depriving their brain of its essential needs and they will struggle on activities during the day.

    Tip to limit Technology:
  • Let your kids “earn” screen time
  • Make cutting back a family affair
  • Avoid setting extreme limits.
  • Set a no technology rule one hour a day.
  • Replace screen time with other enjoyable activities.