Below are a wide variety of resources for parenting and family needs, even if you are not a client at our agency.  There are several digital resources, therapy and psychological testing options offered by our agency, and community services available in the Southwestern Indiana area.

Check out some of the books our providers recommend!!


Dr. Jones has a parenting book available! 

How Many Times Do I Have To Repeat Myself? Simple Steps to Stress-Free Parenting and Better Family Relationships focuses on parenting skills to make life easier. You learn practical solutions for managing parenting stress. You learn real, specific behavior management techniques that work for real families! Parents are less stressed when they have less conflict, fewer arguments to deal with, and have less defiance from their children. That is what this book will allow you to have! Plus, less stress means you can enjoy more fun times with your family!   

For more information about the book, check out the Family Centered Life website. Click here

If you are ready to purchase the book

Dr. Jones’ book is also available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback!


In addition to the time spent in the office, Dr. Melissa A. Jones also operates a blog. Her blog has provided many readers with good information and tips on various topics such as parenting and travel.

Check out this useful blog post:
What to Expect When You Seek therapy or psychological testing services

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Here are some great books that are recommended by our providers!

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