Our clinical psychologists utilize the latest research-based techniques as we provide a variety of assessments. The methods of each evaluation are carefully selected from our clinic’s up-to-date tools which include specialized computers and the latest, most effective tools.

Types of Assessment:

– Academic Achievement
– Adaptive Behavior
– Attention/ADD/ADHD
– Dementia
– Educational/Learning Disorder
– Executive Functioning
– Fitness to Return to Work
– Intellectual Functioning
– Memory
– Neuropsychological
– Parental Competency
– Personality
– Pre-Employment Screening
– Pre-Surgical Evaluation
– Trauma/PTSD
Pre-adoption Screening Evaluations
Adoption Evaluation Flyer with Fee Information

At this time, our psychologists are no longer doing assessments for autism.

Upon completion of assessments, our psychologists will meet with you to discuss the results and recommendations. If you authorize us to do so, we will send a copy of your report to your physician or other relevant professionals.