Keeping Your Family Connected

Keeping Your Family Connected

How to help children with their mental health:

  • Learn all that you can
    – Seek help from mental health professionals and educate yourself on your child’s diagnosis
  • Talk with your child’s school
    -Check to be sure that your child is receiving appropriate care and services at school.
    -Ask the school what behaviors they see from your child.
  • Work with your child
    -Remain respectful and understanding of your child’s feelings and share your feelings also.
    -Be a role model for your child

How to keep your family connected:

  • Remember to take care of yourself!
    -You can’t help your child if you are not mentally and physically healthy yourself.

    -Practice self-care:
    {Our agency is now offering a self-care group to give tips on ways to relax and find time to take care of your mind and body when you may have a busy schedule!}
  • Take care of your family
    -Remember that if you have other children, they may resent being pushed to the side if all the attention is placed on their sibling’s mental health and well-being.

    -Keeping a happy and balanced family, by keeping routines consistent and taking time away from screens, can be very helpful in reducing stress levels for everyone, which can help alleviate symptoms of mental illness.
  •  Get your family involved
    -If you live with a partner or spouse, or have other children, try to get them involved in being an advocate for your child.

    -Focus on your child’s strengths