• Stigma is a set of negative beliefs society has toward something or someone.    
  • Many people’s mental health problems are made worse by the stigma and discrimination they may experience from society, families, friends, and employers.
  • When we treat someone differently, we may be stigmatizing them based on ideas about mental illness that come from inaccurate news reports or over dramatized movies and TV shows.

Effects of Mental Health Stigma

*Feelings of shame, hopelessness, or isolation

*Reluctance to seek help or treatment

*Lack of understanding from family and friends


How to Fight the Stigma against Mental Health

*Talk openly about mental health

*Educate yourself and others

*Be conscious of language

*Encourage equality between physical and mental health

*Show compassion

*Choose empowerment

Do Say:

How Can I help you?

Thank you for sharing

I am here for you

How are you feeling today?

Can I drive you to your appointment?

Don’t Say:

Snap out of it

Everyone feels like that

We have all been there

Just deal with it

It could be worse