Fun, Family, and Freedom

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Fun, Family, and Freedom

July is full of fireworks, fun, food, and family! But, sometimes finding the fun in family and parenting can be difficult. Here are some great tips and advice on how to make parenting less difficult!

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  • Appropriate expectations– We as humans like to know what to expect. By setting appropriate expectations with your child lets you and your child know what to expect! (And can hopefully prevent tantrums)
  • Appropriate limitations– Having limits and boundaries with your children allows each member of the family to know the rules and limits!
  • Follow through– An awesome tip to make parenting a tad bit easier is to FOLLOW THROUGH with what you tell your children.
  • Consistency– Maintain the same expectations and limitations for each child. By being consistent, you will decrease the chances of inappropriate behavior.
  • Make it fun! – Have movie nights, dates to the library, trips to the park, and walk by the river! The possibilities are endless for you and your children to have fun and make amazing memories.

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